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Use our simple pricing system to get a quote. Our prices vary by the size of your house and how often you want us to clean your windows.


Use our easy online sign-up service to book your window cleaning for the whole year – simples!


Your local window cleaning team will let you know when they are coming and tidy after themselves, leaving you with great-looking glass.


You will be emailed a link to an easy payment system and once set up, payment will be collected after each clean.

Why choose Squeegi?

Squeegi is a simple, modern, efficient window cleaning service. We’ve designed it to make it as easy as possible to use, to fit in with your busy lifestyle. But, in case you’ve got any questions, we’ve pulled together the answers here.

Your questions answered

No! We’re confident that you’ll be delighted with our services, so we don’t ask you to sign a long contract. Our service runs on a simple rolling monthly basis. If you have any queries, feel free to drop us an email.

Once you have booked our service, we will email you a link to our easy payment system and once set up we’ll collect payment after each clean.

Not at all. Kindly just leave any gates unlocked so we can access all the windows – that’s all we need!

Unfortunately, yes. We always let you know when we’re coming, but if there is an area we can’t access, we’ll make sure we catch up on it with our next visit.

Unfortunately not. Our operators are trained to clean your windows in the most efficient way to deliver a quality service. They don’t deal with taking payments or making booking arrangements. But our fantastic, easy-to-use system does it all for you, so you don’t have to worry about having cash or cheques when we call or making BACS payments after we visit.

To provide a reliable, quality window cleaning service that is sustainable for both you and us, we need to group all jobs within a given locality together. But if you’re not going to be in when we’re due, just leave any gates unlocked and we’ll do the rest!

We tried to offer this as part of our service in the past, but due to various constraints beyond our control (traffic, weather etc) we inevitably ended up letting customers down. We don’t like doing that so we stick to what we know we can deliver.

Totally up to you – if you’re after immaculate looking windows all the time, go for a monthly clean (particularly if you live on the coast, near a lot of trees or right in town – as these all dirty windows quickly) or if you’re just after keeping on top of them, save some cash and go two monthly.

Yes. Windows don’t care what time of year it is, they just need cleaning – so we do our job for you.

Absolutely. As we use 100% pure water to clean your windows, we can do so no matter what the weather without any impact on the quality of clean – so rain doesn’t stop play…or work!

We thoroughly rinse the windows with 100% pure water after cleaning them, which leaves a spotless finish and dries completely streak-free – so no need to dry them.

As we use 100% pure water when cleaning your windows, it gets right into the corners of the frame and flushes out any dirt and continues to do this even after we’ve finished the clean. If there has been a big build up of dirt since your last clean, sometimes this dirt can leave a little trickle on the pane. We’re really sorry about that but it’s just the pure water doing a super-thorough job and fear not, after this first clean it will not happen again.

Unfortunately not. We have tried this before but found it never goes well as we have to run a hose from the van and this is quite often muddy and leaves you with more of a mess to clean up – which is the opposite reason of why you booked us! If you still want your front windows done, just pop this on the notes when making your booking and we’ll see to it for you.

We use telescopic poles and they can easily reach ground, first and second floor windows – sometimes even third floor at a stretch. This usually covers most windows on domestic houses and we will always do our best to clean all of them, but on the rare occasion we may have to leave any that are just out of reach. This goes for windows set back along way too, like above a flat roof for example.

We just clean outside windows because we have found that most people like to clean the insides themselves, as it’s a lot easier. Therefore we use cleaning equipment specific to outside windows.

We don’t clean flats we’re afraid. Most blocks of flats have a management company that arrange this for them as it needs to be a coordinated effort to clean all the windows at the same time, otherwise the flats below won’t thank you for dirty windows from the water running down whilst cleaning yours!

Of course, just add the conservatory in when making your booking. We will clean the windows and immediate frames, but it doesn’t include the roof or any uPVC panelling / whiteboarding.

No. We’ve invested in state of the art telescopic poles which do a fantastic job of cleaning whilst keeping our operatives safe and feet firmly on the ground.

In a nutshell, none. We choose to specialise in being experts in one service – window cleaning. We apply all our expertise to creating efficient systems and techniques so we can give you a great window clean at a competitive price. However we do have lots of friends in the cleaning industry so if you are after a fascia clean or gutter clearance, just ask and we can put you in touch!

We obviously hope you don’t need to but understand things can change so simply drop us an email letting us know. All we ask is that you give us 24 hours notice if a clean has been booked, so we can help another customer instead.

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