About Us

Squeegi is developed and maintained by Clean Versions LLC, a company dedicated to providing quality entertainment on the internet for people of all ages. Squeegi stands for “internet squeegee”, an innovative new approach to video viewing and uploading that is driven by a powerful network of dedicated, principled moderators who are committed to cleaning up the internet for everyone involved – especially children. Squeegi is very much aware of the dangers that exist on the internet when children, using conventional video viewing services, are exposed to indecent material and immodest content that compromises principles and personal integrity. Squeegi is all about safeguarding such innocence through the use of a Clean Quality Guarantee that ensures a wholesome, squeaky-clean video viewing experience for everyone involved.

As such, the primary focus of Clean Versions LLC is giving morally-minded individuals on the internet increased freedom throughout the entire video viewing experience. The company believes that principled viewers represent the largest segment of the population that is currently being underserved in the video sharing business. Because of the explicit nature of such sites, many avoid them altogether. Still others decide to venture and later regret it after stumbling onto indecent video thumbnails located throughout the site that offend and degrade.

When users visit Squeegi.com they are provided a video playback experience that is completely free of explicit content. All videos, along with their thumbnail counterparts are pre-filtered to a G-rated standard that is similar to existing guidelines offered by the motion picture rating system. Squeegi provides this video playback service though a unique blend of user-community involvement that taps into the morally-minded goodness of the world. The company believes at the outset that people all over the world are inherently good and that when invited, will collectively join together to ensure the goodness of a common cause. The company also believes in the goodness of this conscientious community and that collectively, it will consistently desire video versioning that uplifts, as opposed to explicit versioning that exploits. Clean Versions boldly makes such an invitation by creating this vast and powerful moderator network that is trained and dedicated towards ensuring a safer environment for everyone involved and then giving them the necessary tools to allow them to make the necessary approvals quickly and efficiently. In essence, the Squeegi website is moderator approved – guaranteeing an explicit-free playback experience that is “trouble-free the whole way through”.